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The World's Most Ethical Companies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

The World's Most Ethical Companies - Essay Example Blue Shield was started in 1939 by the Medical Association of California. It is based at San Francisco, California. It is one of the oldest health insurance companies and has over 3.5 million members and approximately 65,000 physicians (Richards, 2010). The company has developed several health plans. The main ones are individual health plans and family health plans as some of its products, as it offers to the community. The main purpose of the company is to ensure quality provision of health care services and effective costs favorable to the community. These outstanding motives make the company excel in meeting the needs of the consumers, its approach to the environment, and general employee treatment. 2. Determine at least two (2) ways in which the chosen company behaves in a morally responsible way toward each of the following: a. Consumers  b. The environment c. Employees 2.0 Ethical Behaviors practiced by the company towards the Environment The company wants to develop to be a responsible health care institution. This has been defined by its support of the community development and commitment in taking care of its consumers, who are mainly registered members. The effort made in this case is working hard to be socially responsible. This includes reducing the environmental pollution, recycling of material wastes and provision of composite services as explained below. 2.0.1 Reducing environmental pollution This is one of the vital steps taken by the company. It aims at maintaining good health in the surrounding community, as well as the whole environment. Blue Shield believes in a healthy environment as a critical contribution to the well being of the people of California. Pollution has been reduced by curbing air pollutants that come from the Bay Area including treatment of chemical wastes and dumping products in a safe and environment friendly manner (Reece, 2004). These pollutants are presumed to carry substances that make asthma condition of the affected patients worse. It is in the company’s mission not to only see profitable activities but also to strengthen and protect both the community and environment. 2.1.1 Providing Recycling and Compost Services This has been one of the company goals in its intention to maintain a healthy environment. The company recycles several materials that are environmentally unfriendly but reusable. Items such as plastics, bottles, and used cans and paper are recycled. These materials are not just from the company’s outputs, but also those by the community delivered to the company through a third party. In addition, to ensure a clean environment, there is an effort to use recyclable wares by Blue Shield. The materials can decompose, hence contributing as important nutrients to the soil. The company has also employed the services of a vendor, who takes IT materials for recycling (Reece, 2004) 2.1 Ethical Behaviors of the Company towards Customers The company service to customers is explai ned in their goals, which state clear adherence to complete and satisfactory service to its consumers while ensuring quality and affordable health care. High customer retention rate and ability to have repeat clients are the measures through which the company uses to gauge the effectiveness of ethical behavior and Blue Shield has realized the customers are satisfied. Secondly, the employees mandated with the responsibility to serve and take care of customers and attend to

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