Monday, August 19, 2019

Abortion: Common Ground Must Be Found Essay -- abortion, argumentativ

Consider for a moment a society in which there are no rules or laws. A society in which everyone is allowed to do what they please whenever they feel like it without any consequences. The world would be in a state of chaos. In order to maintain order and implement laws we use a set of morals to judge what actions are permissible and which are not. Through evaluating their actions and the outcomes of these actions, humans begin to develop morals. However, to fully understand the consequences one must first claim responsibility for her actions. The moral validity of abortion does not depend on the status of the unborn as a person, when life begins-whether it is conception, birth, or sometime between-or religious beliefs. The permission of abortion contradicts the very definition and purpose of morality and the right to privacy. The United States International Conference on Population and Development, held in Cairo in 1994, recognized unsafe abortion as a major public health concern. The World Health Organization estimates that about 75,000 women die each year from unskilled abortions. Damage to women’s health and the burden of care that falls on often scarce hospital resources also add to the costly impact of poorly performed abortions on public health systems. Abortions are usually performed without adequate skill because of laws that make safe, medically performed abortion services unlawful. Within the last two centuries, and particularly during the twentieth century, abortion has been criminalized. It was only in the closing decades of the last century that laws have recognized women’s needs and rights to have access to safe abortion services. Historically many customary laws condemned the interruption of pregnancy, wheth... ...that it’s not easy. Instead I think that there should be more awareness brought about to young woman that consider it, maybe classes be completed before the procedure is done informing them on the risks that are being taken and the other alternatives that are available out there. I feel that if God can forgive than the people should too. Human rights laws are increasingly giving priority to women’s health, dignity, and capacity as the principal decision makers over their own reproduction. Countries whose laws criminalize abortion and compromise women’s health and welfare are facing louder calls for reform. To counter this, conservative governments and religious authorities support restrictive laws and urge more prohibitions against abortions. I just hope that one day that both sides can come to an agreement upon this issue that divides the American people into two.

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