Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Designing and implementing questionnaires and interviews Essay

Designing and implementing questionnaires and interviews - Essay Example The following questionnaire is for teachers, parents and students (both members of the study group and the control group) designed by just encircling the number to indicate the degree of agreement or disagreement to the statements provided: 17.) With the emergence of unethical materials and illegal and prohibited information in the internet (e.g. pornography and other clandestine ways of conducting business using the web) do you think this will affect the students’ learning process? Information and data collection are one of the exciting parts of research, though they can be tiring. But this is not to say that they are difficult. When you put a lot of effort in it, data collection can be challenging. You have to earn the cooperation of your respondents; you’ve to build a close rapport with them. In the initial part of the information gathering, some doubts and negative thoughts entered my mind as to how the whole thing can be quite successful, to say the least. Gathering all the data together, doing all the things that seemed to be countless tasks, and executing what I had in mind, seemed impossible to do all at the same time. Then, a lot of ideas also entered my mind which seemed not to point to a particular direction. Aside from the preparations for the interviews and questionnaires, I had to do a lot of research from previous studies, and opinions of experts, teachers, and parents, not only on the contents of the questionnaires but on the actual conduct of the interviews. After you have tried the techniques of brainstorming, branching, or making up journalistic questions and flowcharts, you may also find it useful to try discovery writing. This step can be helpful, especially once you have formulated a thesis statement. (69) This is putting ideas into writing without first arranging or editing them. Just put them down into writing, and then later you’ll discover what and how they’ll come out. Langosch says this is known as â€Å"free

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