Tuesday, August 6, 2019

My Personal Ethics and What They Mean to Me Essay Example for Free

My Personal Ethics and What They Mean to Me Essay Everyone has their own personal ethics, for me this means being honest to my self in everything I do. I use my personal ethics to help in making choices that affect every aspect of my life. Personal ethics for me mean that I choose to be who I am and don’t let others effect the way I think or behave. Ethics are what makes us who we are and how we react to situations. In school it is important to have personal ethics, this helps us to be honest, uphold the academic integrity, and be able to follow the rules that are set for us. When at work, home or while dealing with others your personal ethics come into play. People don’t even realize that they use these every day to make choices that will affect them. I always think before I say something and how it will affect the other person. There are some who do not do this however, and for them their personal ethics are different. I find it hard to understand those who do not have the same kind of personal ethics as myself. I know the reason why others do not think as I do, but it is hard to understand when someone is mean or dishonest and thinks nothing of it. I have always tried to be an honest and caring person. I take care of others and I am responsible for a lot of their personal items. I have to deal with small amounts of their money, cell phones, clothing, and jewelry every day. Without my ethics I would think nothing of taking things that didn’t belong to me. I know that I have had coworkers who have done this and I hate that it happened. They of course are no longer working here. It amazes me that people have bad personal ethics that they can even think about doing something to someone who has been placed in their care. I will as long as I live use my personal ethics to make me a better person to all I come in contact with.

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