Thursday, August 22, 2019

Effective Religious Practices Essay Example for Free

Effective Religious Practices Essay Throughout our history, leaders of various religious sects have used a number of methods, materials, and programs to initiate their followers into a certain ideology or belief system. This has proved to be both useful and destructive over the course of time. We have seen many horrifying events take place in the name of certain religions (Jim Jones, The Peoples Church), and have also seen many cases that could serve as a message of hope for others (Mother Teresa). The outcome of events that are sparked by the formation of a new religious sect, are primarily influenced by the programs and methods used by the sects religious leader, to instruct his followers to believe in certain belief systems, and commit actions that are justified by those underlying beliefs. When analyzing how a religious sect instructs its followers, or disciples, we should analyze both positive and negative correlations shared by various sects, in doing this, we could determine what practices have proved beneficial to society, and which ones have proved to be destructive. When observing certain pastors methods in instructing their followers, we could come to the assumption that a leader who preaches a peaceful and uplifting message is more likely to attractive followers who share the same views, on the other hand, a pastor who preaches destructive and self righteous message is more likely to have a congregation that reflects those same views. For example, Joel Olsten, a pastor at Lakewood church, has a consistent uplifting message that he shares with his congregation on a daily basis. When using this method of preaching, the pastor is not focusing on the negative actions of some of the members of his congregation, (Hell, or Damnation) but rather inspiring them to try harder, or to do better. When a pastor only focuses on topics such as sin, Hell, or damnation, then many members of his congregation will leave feeling ashamed and scared, rather than uplifted and motivated. A useful method that a pastor can use is always having sermons with a positive and uplifting theme, focused on what’s ahead for an individual rather than what they have done in there past. Another useful method practiced by certain pastors is not classifying there religion under a certain categories, such as Catholic, Methodist, or Jehovah Witness, but rather inviting people of all faiths to join, not just a select view. In practicing this, a pastor’s congregation has the potential to grow, without being confined by a certain sect’s moral philosophies. A church is only as powerful as its congregation, the larger the congregation, the more influence a church has in its surrounding communities. When practicing such things, a pastor does not limit himself to one moral view, but rather stays open minded and tolerant to the many views that his congregation may have. If I were to become a pastor, I wouldn’t be subject to one particular faith, but rather welcome any faith to my congregation. I feel that it is important to have a diverse congregation; it teaches people how to be tolerant and appreciative of another persons belief system. This ideology also proves useful in expanding a church’s total number of members, therefore harboring growth and overall success. As a church’s congregation grows, so does its net worth, and its influence in its surrounding communities. Secondly, I would choose to preach messages of hope rather than self-shame. I would want people to come to my church and leave with a renewed vision of hope, so that they are self motivated to become active members in there communities. In my opinion, this would prove to be very effective in increasing the total number of people in my congregation. In conclusion, it is far more beneficial when recruiting members for a congregation, to appeal to everybody’s emotional needs, by preaching an unbiased message that has a theme based in hope, and inspiration.

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