Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mindfulness Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Mindfulness Worksheet Essay Please use the information from your â€Å"mindfulness conversation† to complete this worksheet. Submit this worksheet in the Module 1: Assignment 3 Dropbox no later than Day 7 of Module 1. Include vocabulary and concepts from your reading and course site to support and illustrate your own insights. In preparation for the papers you’ll write later in this course, take the time to organize your thoughts for each question and write clearly. Completed worksheet should be not more than three pages. 1. Describe who you had the conversation with and where. Only disclose what you are comfortable with. You can use initials or code names. I had this mindfulness conversation with a friend I’ve had for a long time. I had the conversation at my house on the front porch. 2. How easy/hard did you find it to be mindful? Why? I find it very easy to be mindful this time one reason being that me and him knew each other since we were 12 and we connect like brothers and have a lot in common that’s why I can be so mindful to him. 3. What did you notice during the moments when you were able to be mindful? How were you feeling? I noticed while being mindful that we have so much in common and we shared so many memorys for so many years. I felt very good listening to him because we are so close and it felt good to listen to what he had to say at those moments. 4. How did mindlessness both yours and the other person’s show up in the conversation? What affect did it have? Our mindfulness showed mine at first because I was only listening to him then him to me. It affected us by letting us know we can both be mindful and listen and learn from each other. 5. What 2-3 things did you learn about mindfulness? I learned that when you listen to someone they can teach you something everyone has a different perspective and view and deserve to be listened to. Next I learned that when you stop and be mindful to someone they will in return most likely be mindful to you. 6. What would help you be more mindful in your life? Identify 2 actions (i.e. new behaviors you can practice). How will these actions improve your interpersonal effectiveness? One thing that would help me be more mindful would be to learn about that person find out what we got in common and listen to them and then tell them what we have in common and share that with them. If I did this more often then I would definitely improve my interpersonal effectiveness because when you are more mindful then people will do the same to you and when people are mindful to each other then they will get along better and can teach each other more things about each other and about life in general.

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