Sunday, August 18, 2019

Queen Isabella I Essay -- Biography

She was born into a family of a long line of royal decedents. She became Queen at the age of twenty four. She was the first women to be on an US commutative coin. Who is this very accomplished person? Queen Isabella. Bold and daring, Queen Isabella accomplished many things in her thirty years of rein as Queen of Castile and Aragon. Queen Isabella was born on April 22, 1451 in Madrigal, Old Castile. Her mother was Isabella of Portugal and her dad was John the II of Castile. Her mom and dad were King and Queen of Castile. She had two brothers, Alfonzo and Henry (â€Å"Isabella of Castile† par13). At the age of three Isabella’s father died. After his death He4nry became King of Castile. A few years after he was crowned King he sent Alfonzo and Isabella to Segovia to be safe (â€Å"Isabella of Castile† par13). While they were in Segovia Henry got married twice, and finally had a baby. After the baby was born the people of Castile believed they needed a new king, so they summoned Isabella and Alfonzo back. The people of Castile decided that Alfonzo will be the heir to the throne. But while there was a war going on in Castile Alfonzo was killed. Now Isabella was the heir to the throne (â€Å"Isabella of Castile† par16). Henry believed that Isabella should get married if she wanted the crown. With that in mind he thought she should marry Don Carlos Prince of Vienna. But Isabella had other thoughts in mind. She wished to marry Ferdinand Prince of Aragon. Her brother would not fight with her so he allowed her to marry him. But she would have to wait until she got back from her trip. Isabella did not listen and married him during her trip. Therefore they got married in 1469 in Juan de Vivero (â€Å"Queen Isabella I† par3-5). When they ... ...w country of Spain. She mostly impacted religions. When she was alive she always taught people that everyone in this world is equal (â€Å"Isabella of Castile† par 5). She made huge sacrifices when she was young. She even turned down an offer to be Queen. She believed that unless both her brothers died it was not her right to be Queen (â€Å"Queen Isabella’ par 4). Being an educated Catholic girl, Isabella was mostly influenced by god. Her parents taught her to always follow the word of god (â€Å"Isabella of Castile† par43). Isabella wanted to be remembered as someone to look up to. Today she has accomplished that. Many people in Spain wish to make Isabella a Saint. But fro right now she is called a servant of god (â€Å"Isabella of Castile† par 39). â€Å"The distance is great beyond firm belief to the realization from concrete experiences.† Queen Isabella.

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