Thursday, August 8, 2019

Martin Luther King Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Martin Luther King - Essay Example One which will not leave more sufferings through people being arrested and even killed in riots and police retaliation. His followers were conditioned to only involve themselves in mass protests that were peaceful an example being the bus riot protest seeking an end to segregation in the buses and other transportation systems. His leadership as a civil rights activist compared to that of other leaders was marked with less bloodshed. Even though the masses and their perseverance to their just cause always caused a headache to the white people and the justice system, as well as other security branches of the government, in the end, they got what they were looking for and that is justice (Kirk 38). Other than seeking justice which was what he is famously remembered for, Martin Luther King Jr. was also deemed important because of his seeking equality for all as long as people lived in the same country. His young and old adulthood was marked with him seeking equality for people he did not even know about but did that because he believed in the human rights and in people being created equally and hence should be accorded equal treatment at all times. This did not mean that he did not respect the authority because he did but he wanted the same authority to use their power for just causes. He went to hotels and other public areas â€Å"preaching† the importance to equality among mankind and this is how he gained his popularity as a civil rights activist and started seeking justice later on in his life. Martin Luther King’s speech of â€Å"I have a dream† shot him to the highest of the popularity ranks and is still sensational up to date decades later after his death. He was elite and a very smooth-spoken and talented orator and public leader with excellent public speaking skills. This made him an autocratic leader moving people with just his words and paralyzing people with his speech.

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