Friday, August 9, 2019

Labor productivity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Labor productivity - Essay Example Having a team spirit among the laborers also cannot be overlooked. The desire to play and win as a team and not as an individual is an important aspect of labor productivity. When workers have the urge to play and conquer as a team, they feel more obligated to fulfill their end of the task so as not to let the other team players down. Teamwork will lead to the realization of the maximum potential in each of the laborers (West, 2012). With regard to teamwork, individuals can work at improving their inter-personal skills, which will enable them to associate in a healthy manner with their fellow employees. Having a well structured and properly functioning organizational structure also considerably contributes to the maximization of labor productivity (Steffan, 2008). A well organized structure in an organization will ensure that there are policies that have been set in place to look into the concerns and matters raised by laborers. In settings where such structures do not exist, it might be of an individual’s concern to propose to the management to come up with a structure that seeks to address their needs. Family matters are also a factor to consider, acknowledging that it influences labor productivity to a noticeable extent. Workers in any given organization who experience a supportive family life are capable of producing more at work due to presence of motivation. On the other hand, individuals who experience a stressful family life will not be able to fully exploit their potential at work, thus reducing the overall labor productivity. Hence, at the individual level, one can work at building healthy family life in order to be able to be fully productive. Lastly, there is the factor of capital formation and it has a positive influence on labor productivity. For example, the transfer of individual’s savings into a business venture in the form of shares will lead to earning of the

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