Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tech Schooling Essay examples -- Education, Vo-Tech High Schools

When plumbing goes bad, hair needs cutting, or the car goes on the fritz, who is going to get the call? Most people will answer â€Å"the plumber, the stylist, or the auto repair place down the road at Wal-Mart.† That answer is mostly correct. Although, the focus needs to be on how those people got where they are today. These people, who do so much work for us every single day, need to get some consideration. In most cases they would have gone to a vocational high school or technical college. These are special schools in which students learn the exact skills they need to complete their desired career in an accelerated period of time. More people should be encouraged to go to these schools, because we will need more Blue Collar workers in our future. Students as young as fourteen years of age can enter these vo-tech high schools to start training for their future career (Nolan 4). This may seem young to some parents because the common misconception of these schools is that the student stops traditional education to enter technical classes (Nolan 3). This is a false statement. Any high school student that decides to get into a tech program still has to take all of his or her core classes. At Central Nine in Indianapolis, the students have to take a half day at their normal high school. They still have to take their English, math, science and all the other required courses for them to graduate with their class. Then the second half of the day is spent taking their vocational classes at the Central Nine building learning the skills for their desired career. For far too long, people have regarded vocational schooling as a second class option to a traditional college. Some believe that only under achievers will attend this type of school... ...ast consider them. On the other hand, we do not need to force this concept down the throats of these nice people who are dead set on a four-year college. Vocational schooling is not for everyone. Some people are just not cut out to do manual labor. That is okay though, we still need the lawyers and bankers in our world. Encouragement is a common word throughout this paper. The best thing that can be done about the problem of dwindling enrollment in technical college is to encourage people considering this schooling. Encourage people to look into this type of education, because we do need more Blue Collar workers in our future. Encourage current or past students to talk about their experiences in tech schools with people who are confused about what they want to do in their life. Encourage them that this option is NOT for under achievers, but for over achievers.

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