Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sustainability framework on Apple and Samsung Essay

Sustainability framework on Apple and Samsung - Essay Example Recognition of organizations embracing environment sustainable frameworks is because climate change has become a significant issue in the society (Hart, 1997). A sustainable framework consists of Clean technology, sustainability vision, Pollution prevention and Product Stewardship (Hart, 1997). This paper will analyze two companies in the same industry in regards to their efforts to reduce environmental pollution. The analysis will be on Apple and Samsung companies. In addition, the paper will compare the sustainability framework suggested by Hart to the framework implemented by these two companies. Samsung has been viewed as a leader in this particular industry. Since the creation of Samsung, a lot has been put in place to reduce environmental pollution. Samsung is a telecommunications company with a variety of products on its brand. Its major products are mobile phones, computers and other electronics. The company has a significant global market with target market across the globe. 70 % of all nations across the globe boast of at least one major Samsung outlet (Magureanu, 2013). For this reason, the production level of the business entity is significant considering the level of demand on its products. With a large production level, the levels of emissions in the practice are also high. For this reason, this organization has set strategies to reduce their emissions to the environment. This is the ability of an organization to use technology that is environmental friendly. In addition, an organization should be able to develop approaches to technology that are environmental friendly. Samsung is developing technology that considers suitability to the environment (Magureanu, 2013). Comparing old and new products by Samsung, there are significant differences in the hazardous nature of the product. In an argument by Hart (1997) Samsung products are less radioactive even when

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