Friday, September 13, 2019

Homeland security major Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Homeland security major - Essay Example importantly, it anticipates, preempts, detects and deters threats to the homeland and its people from terrorist attacks, natural disasters or any other emergency and helps create linkages in crisis times. The degree equips students with strong ability to think critical and respond efficiently during crisis time. It also equips them with necessary knowledge and skills related to security, intelligence and state of the art technology to safeguard the lives of people and protect our country from terrorist attack. 9/11 has been left an indelible mark that has motivated me to work in this field. I have always wanted to be involved in the rescue missions and have also been a regular volunteer for the Red Cross. I therefore believe that the pursuing degree from ERAU would be the ideal choice that would able me to make solid contribution to make my country safe. The core areas of ERAU HS program comprise of 11 courses: Principles of management; Micro economics; Introduction to GSIS; Introduction to US legal system; studies in global intelligence; History of terrorism; Introduction to geography; Personality and profiling; Government of US; International relations; and US Foreign policy. Twelve credits are required for foreign language for degree. I am already proficient in French and Spanish and love learning new languages so it is yet another way where I would be able to utilize my multi-lingual abilities. The degree would offer plethora of job opportunities, both in the federal government agencies like intelligence, diplomatic, security and law enforcement, department of homeland security, coastal guard, airport security etc. At the same time, jobs in private sector like domestic and international corporations in their security department, risk management agencies, non government organizations like Red Cross, IMF, World Bank etc. The university program in Homeland Security is the right field for me as I have always been interested in the area of intelligence and

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