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Advantages Of Banner Advertising Marketing Essay

Advantages Of Banner Advertising Marketing Essay The key of successful business is the business how to promote the product and services to all readers by using the online. According to the statistical data, more of the 80% people will everyday surf through the technologically such as internet. So, the internet has becomes an indispensable part of peoples lives. Thus, it can be considered a wide channel for the business which wants to promote their products and services to all the people. The online advertising method has becomes the most popular method for the business. It is because online advertising is easy and low advertising cost. Besides that, the online advertising also have a lot of the readers or viewers. There are many method of online advertising that can used to promote the product and services such as bloggers advertising, banner advertising, email advertising, forum advertising and so on. But in this assignment, I would like to go on deep about the banner advertising. Advantages of Banner Advertising Banner Advertising is a most important component of web-business creation. It is a good method for make profits via the website. It is because banner advertising is very simple and easy by just sign up an affiliate programs and follow the instruction given to create an attractive banner that link your website with the advertiser. We can free to choose the design of the layout and content of our site. With the pay-per-click advertisements, we can get paid from viewer who clicked on your banner. Moreover, it is easier for viewers to remember the company name. On the other hand, it become more effective and convenience compare when compare with other online advertising. Furthermore, the banner advertising is inexpensive. It normally counts by the size of the banner or loads of a banner advertisement, a cost per miles (CPM) for a minimum purchase. For example, if you make a banner ad on Yahoo, it cost you a CPM of $20 $25. It is much cheaper than other advertising media. Compare with others, the small firm or company can afford for the banner advertising cost. In addition, by using the banner advertising that can easy got a lot of larger audiences and target segments can be accessed. Last but not least, with the banner advertising, we can share the information at anywhere and in any times. It is because the internet is links worldwide. So, everyone can access to the Internet 24 hours daily thus the banner advertisement created can be logged on anytime and anyplace. Besides that, publisher also update the product and service information release products and services as well as promotion instantly. Disadvantages of Banner Advertising There are few disadvantages of banner advertising. Firstly, there is no assurance of the audience responses. It is because banner only assures that the banner advertising maybe will just be viewed by people and is no guarantee that people will click on the banner advertising. Secondly, the publisher must make sure that the banner advertising are attractive and innovative. It is because if the banner advertising is not attracted by the reader, then nobody would click into the banner advertising and deliver the message advertising . It is waste time and cost because maybe the business or firm need to hire the professional for creating a unique banner in order to compete with the competitors. The speed will also affected the effect of the banner advertising. It is because many graphics, moving image or video will take more time to load and waiting the image appears. This and the idea that designer create will become mess, it will be discourage some viewers and readers. Finally, the publisher can only know about the number of views of the banner advertising but unable to estimate the effective of the advertising. It is because it may be unreliable on the revenue generated from the pay-per-click basic is precisely. The affiliate program may have error in counting the access time of the viewers. Furthermore, there are too many incidents of cheating in Internet, viewers will have a thought before clicking into any ads due to afraid of fraud cases and the viruses spread. This eventually brings negative effect on those banner advertising who advertise through online. Improvement Banners adv is most popular for the marketers. But in the recently years, the prices of the banner advertising are drop and also not so attracted by the people. So, the designer must use the bright color for the advertising. It is because bright color can easy attract the readers attraction. Besides that, the slogan for the advertisement needs to be improved. The slogan must be short and clear that can let the readers understanding the contents of the advertising. Besides that, the best way to advertise the banner advertising is using animate. Comparing the static advertising and animated advertising, animated advertising can attract more the readers. All the animation effect can be more easily to express the meaning of advertising. On the other hand, if the banner advertising want increase viewer, the advertising picture must load quickly. It is because most all the viewers do not have so much patience, it is not suitable for the viewer waiting so long. So, we must let our advertising loading faster. managementhelp. 2010. Advertising and Promotions. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 November 10]. cxdigitalmedia. 2010. Maximize Online Advertising Results. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 November 10]. Developer Shed. 2003. Website Advertising. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 17 November 10]. Henry Woody. 2010. Various Methods Of Online Advertising. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 November 10]. Brajusta Publishing, Inc. 1997. Online Advertising / Web Advertising / Business Advertising . 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