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Hagia Sophia and Pantheon Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hagia Sophia and Pantheon - Essay Example However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Apse mosaics within the building that depicted Biblical scenes. Mosaic art gained appreciation in my mind when I observed the Apse mosaics closely when previously mosaic art held no beauty for me. The most important feature in the interior of the building that appealed to my eye was the dome that rests on four concave triangular pendentives. It is because of these pendentives that the rectangular base is transformed to a circular dome as the building rises. One would expect the pendentives to serve only the practical purpose but when I observed the structure of these pendentives, it allowed me to appreciate the beauty of the architecture. The pendentives are both awe-inspiring as well as practical. Even without the pendentives, the beauty of the dome will still be maintained due to the presence of the forty windows that the architects of the original dome envisioned when creating the dome. The presence of these windows has allowed for a good play of light within the internal structure. I feel that without the dome, Hagia Sophia would not have gained such popularity among modern artists and architects. Pantheon is a building located in Rome, Italy that recounts the brilliance of Roman art and architecture in this age. The Pantheon served as a temple for the Romans and featured all the Roman Gods at different points of the building. The building is a treat in itself and observing the building from the front, with its Corinthian columns, I failed to envision the dome within the building despite having read extensive literature on the building. However, the east of side of the building prominently displays the rotunda. When entering into the building through the Corinthian columns, I felt that I was entering history. The high columns further strengthened these feelings as I realized that I was entering something majestic. This was a place where our ancestors prayed for successful lives, healthy sons and good produce. Howev er, looking at the building, I did not believe that this building was as old as the Roman age, given its condition despite the years. The most beautiful aspect of the building for me was the dome and the oculus in the interior of the building. Standing directly beneath the oculus and looking up gives one a feeling of being engulfed in the majesty of Roman architecture. Pantheon for me was Roman architecture in its prime. The vaulted arches of the dome have inspired many architects since they have been created but none have been able to match the brilliance of the Pantheon. It is not just the arches that catch the eye of the viewer. The architects of Pantheon have also been able to play with light using the circular structure of the dome. However, they have done this by using the top of the dome. The oculus allows light to shine on part of the vaulted arches and through the direction of the light, the Romans were also able to tell time. Combining the practical aspect with the beauty of the building is one of the most beautiful arts of the Romans . Reflection Assignment: Islamic Advancements and Achievements Muslim advancement in mathematics and architecture inspired many other cultures that came in contact with it. One of them was Renaissance culture that took good advantage of the Muslim presence in Spain to learn from one the most developed cultures of that

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