Tuesday, July 23, 2019

United States Postal Service Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

United States Postal Service - Case Study Example While analyzing the ergonomic issues the paper mainly focuses on the ergonomic issues that have been addressed in the report. The research conducted method focuses on the methodology part of the report, that is how the required and relevant information about the study has been acquired and the approach that has been undertaken in fulfilling the objective of the study. The ergonomic issues: The report reveals the health hazards that are associated with the work performed at an organization. The ergonomists at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) examined the ergonomic hazards that are associated with the particular work and whether that can result in musculoskeletal disorders. The report introduces the musculoskeletal disease that the employees are exposed to due to the kind of work they do. The report identifies the musculoskeletal hazards which arise from the repetitive movements of the upper limb of the employees working in the postal service organization. It not only identifies the problems associated with the work, but also focuses on the causes of the health hazards like forceful grasping of any tools or pinching anything with the help of the tool. For instance, the study reveals that the prolonged period of sitting or standing against a stool can aggravate the disorder. It also gives the measures of avoiding such hazards by suggesting ways such as tilting the seat pan or by maintaining the trunk in the neutral position. (Heta, 1993, p.4) The research Conducted: The research conducted is mainly based on primary observation of a specific ergonomic situation in a government organization. The report takes into account a case of the employees of the Denver general Mail facility. The health hazards has been analyzed and discussed in the paper. The paper identifies each kind of work that is being performed in the organization and what kind of health problems this might lead to. Hence an ethical dilemma also arises with respect to workplace. The paper adopts a case study based approach where a particular organization and situation has been identified and the discussion and recommendation revolves around it. The human resource aspect of the firm has been addressed in the paper. This is a discussion paper that takes into account several aspect of the issue, like the type of machines, the pace of work and other factors that are required in evaluating the situation properly. The paper after analyzing the problems recommends measures in avoiding those problems. The report also produces a comparative framework against working situations of the General Mail Facility (GMF) at Denver and Virginia. (Heta, 1993, pp.5-8) The Findings and recommendations: The findings of the paper revolve around the musculoskeletal disorder that the employee has to face as a res ult of their sitting postures and standing postures while working. In case of mail casing it has been found out that the work needs repetitive operations hence the organization has rightly provided the workers with the tilt chair facility. The report notes that the sit and stand stool provided to the employee rightly serves the purpose as it can be adjusted and accommodated accordingly. The report reveals that the works which are associated with the automatic mail processing machines requires frequent stooping which puts the employees in the danger of low back injury, hence a height size has been recommended to avoid the problem of low back

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