Thursday, July 25, 2019

Health Promotion Package for Diabetes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Health Promotion Package for Diabetes - Essay Example Health promotion can take varied forms, depending on the concerned groups or individuals. Different constructs of health and well-being exist. In the context of Edna, various constructs are applicable in enhancing her well-being and health status. The constructs are multi-perspective and addresses various health concerns highlighted in the case study. Most relevant constructs includes; Social model theory of health promotion remains addressed from different perspective. It does not focus on medical profession domain alone. The social model does not entirely rely on the medical model on addressing various health issues. A multi-perspective approach that includes all the individual experiences and defined places are taken into consideration in this approach. Principally, there is a correlation dynamic interaction between the social structures and the concerned human agency. In addressing the medical conditions of Edna, a multi-perspective social model can find use in efficiently remedying her health concerns. Psychological model differs from medical model from the test that confirms and qualify an individual as sick. While the medical model may require an independent test to determine a medical condition, psychological model relies mostly on the psychological examinations that do not involve medical tests. For the case of Edna, psychological therapy may help relieve conditions such as stress due to death of the husband. Psychological model relies more on the subjective manifestation of the condition rather than the objective determinants of a given condition. Medical model of disease management utilizes the scientific theories and doctor patient relationship in managing a disease condition. Independent objective test are carried to determine specific condition affecting an individual. The medical models rely on the use of medicine in the management of health. For the case of Edna, medical

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