Saturday, July 27, 2019

Simple Network Management Protocol Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Simple Network Management Protocol - Essay Example For instance, network operating on SNMP will be associated with three components i.e. managed devices, agents and network management system (NMS). A managed device can be any node configured with SNMP within the network. The primary task of these managed devices is to perform information management in order to publish the information on the NMS (Protocols guide: TCP/IP protocols: Application layer protocols: SNMP: Simple network management protocol. 2007). Example of managed devices includes routers, hubs, switches etc. Moreover, an agent is considered as an application that is installed in a managed device. In addition, an agent also translates information that will be compatible with SNMP. Furthermore, NMS publish information related to performance, power and any conflict that may occur between these managed devices on the network. Currently, there are three versions of SNMP, these versions share some commands and features that are described in the below table (Protocols guide: TCP /IP protocols: Application layer protocols: SNMP: Simple network management protocol. 2007): Management information base (MIB) is a component of SNMP that assist network engineers and managers to monitor the network functionality via interfaces. For instance, if an organization is developing a new application that will be administered remotely, the developer will integrate a MIB within the application. The MIB will illustrate information and variables for generating alerts (SNMP overview, n.d). Moreover, RFC1213-MIB is also referred as MIB 2, it is compatible with all SNMP agents that may operate on TCP/IP supported devices. The MIB-2 management group is essential, as SNMP supported devices must support MIB-2, in order to work adequately (A closer look at MIB-II (essential SNMP, n.d)). The MIB file hosts a sketch that is associated with the object hierarchy on the network device along with ID of the object i.e. OID, permissions and syntax for every single variable.  

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