Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cast Study Ban on Shark Fin Soup

Case register Banning of Shark fit out dope in wear out eating place. The refusal of not banning cheat atomic number 23 soup at Jade Restaurant potty affect many stakeholders. This includes the owner/shareholder, suppliers, special involvement concourses (SIGS), customers, and also the authorities. The owners and shareholders are definitely going to be impact because if the ban were to go through they would preoccupied a portion of the profit that they wouldve earned if it werent for the ban. The suppliers are obviously going to be affected as well if the ban gets through, as they entrust not be able to supply the eating house with shark fins, therefore their profit go forth go down.They wouldve lost a trade partner or maybe bedevil to find a modernistic one. Special interest groups, especially the pressure groups go forth rejoice because they have accomplished their goal in banning shark fin soup in the city. Another external stakeholder that is affected is the c ustomers. They are part why militants groups are banning shark fin soup, because there are so many citizenry buying it. Customers who originally come to Jade Restaurant for their shark fin soup will be disappointed. They may have to travel very utmost to eat shark fin soup and point may have to do it illegally.Lastly, the regimen will be affected if this ban does get through. The government is in charge of slide bying the law. If activist group gets enough attention and influence from the general unexclusive then the municipal government will have to act upon the publics interest and cut in a bill. There are many conflicts that countermand in this situation. For one, if the ban does not get pass and the owner decides to continue the shark fin soup business concern then the activist groups may residence hall and give a bad name to Jade Restaurant. This may persuade customers to not eat there, level(p) if they are not going there for shark fin soup anyway.Their name could be modify by the media, which in this case, is spread through the activist groups. Stakeholder Map Low military group senior high Power Low Interest Customers Municipal Government High Interest Pressure Groups Shareholders It would be wise to have a bun in the oven attention to the shareholders as they are the ones keeping the business running with their investments. Next, we should keep the government informed on such matters because we do not want the government to shut down our business. We should keep pressure groups conform to because they are the ones who really have a share that can influence what the general public thinks.

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