Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Theme Of Secrets In Isabel Allendes The Japanese Lover

There is always a secret in something. Secrets always invoke an emotional response to people, whether it is excitement or fear. In literature, the theme of secrets is mostly associated with mystery books; however, Isabel Allende uses secrets to invoke emotional responses to her readers.With regards to Isabel Allende, she is a Chilean-American author who is well-known for her works such as The House of the Spirits (1982) and City of the Beasts (2002). She was formally admitted into the American Academy of Arts and Letter and received Chile’s National Literature Prize. In 2014, former-president Obama awarded her the â€Å"Presidential Medal of Freedom†. In 2015, she released her book The Japanese Lover. Allende’s book is about the interactions†¦show more content†¦I’ve turned the page. Nowadays I am Irina Bazili and I have another life† (pg190). Although she â€Å"turned the page†, she is repressing these memories to the point that she isn’t willing to pursue the compensation because it reminds her of the traumas that she experiences during her childhood. It may seem like she accepts it and merely moves on; however, this is her way of coping with her trauma, by keeping it a secret even to herself as to not remind herself of what happening in her â€Å"past life†. In addition, Irina may have developed PTS or PTSD due to because she may be disturbed by intense emotion and/or bodily sensations seemingly seemingly unconnected to the traumas they suffered as she pulls away whenever someone makes physical contact with as it relates back to the idea that she refuses to remind herself of the trauma and persists on keeping her past a secret. Another point would be the poor parenting of Irina’s mother, Radmila. When Irina immigrates to America, her mother was not a prime example to her daughter due to her behavior. This is shown when the FBI come to see Irina, â€Å"When she came to, she started to take it out on her daughter†¦..the whore who perverted her husband.† (pg221 novel) In a study, it was shown that babies raised by caretakers who didn’t meet their needs will lack resilience and will have troubles adapting to life. Furthermore, their brain may be less likely to process life’s experiences (pg16 â€Å"The Body Remembers†). Although

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