Thursday, October 17, 2019

Analyzing Messages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analyzing Messages - Essay Example With this, she invites Spencer to visit them when he gets the time. The email correspondence reveals two important aspects of written communication. First, the kind of language people use in written business correspondence depends on the relationship between them. Second, factors like gender and technology also come into play. Specifically, the language of the email is formal, similar to other business letters. The relationship between the two as service provider and client effects the formality of the correspondence. If the situation is reversed and Spencer will be the one to email Megan, thinking that Spencer is the service provider, the language could be more esteeming and polite as what can be seen in the second letter. Gender could have also played an important part in Megan’s writing. Being a woman, she did not want to be misinterpreted, thus kept the language formal. Also, her email is brief and no sense of closeness or endearment may be felt. The last line that says, â€Å"Do visit us when you have time† is a cordial invitation normal between a client and service provider. There are no terms used to signify personal closeness. Megan’s position in the company also plays a part in the construction of her email. Being the HR Manager, she is in the position to invite Spencer over to their office. Nevertheless, considering that Spencer is the Operations Manager in Cunninghams, she also included the clause â€Å"when you have time† to acknowledge how busy Spencer could be. As Steinberg (2007) notes, the style of communication is important in interpersonal communication. In this particular example, the use of technology as a communication style is very appropriate. The purpose and formality of the subject matter called for formality and such was achieved through emails. I hope this email finds you well. I am very glad to announce that Cunninghams, Inc. has just established a branch office in San Francisco, California as part of its

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